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Music was my first Love - David & Robert Childs

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A wonderful 'easy listening' CD of 'light' music produced by music publisher Obrasso. This release features both David and his father Robert as soloists and as a duo. Accompanied by Cory Band, David's solos are conducted Robert, Robert's solos are conducted by David, and the duets are conducted by David's uncle (Robert's brother) Nicholas!


Track List:

1. My First Love, Soloist: David, John Miles / Alan Fernie, 3.52
2. Varied Mood, Soloist: Robert, Ray Woodfield, 4.47
3. A Night in Havanna, Soloist: David, Goff Richards, 5.02
4. I Wish You Love, Soloists: Robert & David, Charles Trenet / Alan Fernie, 4.04
5. La Novia, Soloist: David (Joaquin Prieto / Alan Fernie, 4.54
6. Euphology, Soloist: Robert & David, Darrol Barry, 3.14
7. Hamabe No Uta (Song of the Seashore), Soloist: Robert, Goff Richards, 1.59
8. Beautiful Colorado, Soloist: David, Joseph De Luca / Keith M Wilkinson, 5.17
9. Catari Catari, Soloist: Robert, Salvatore Cardillo / Alan Fernie, 4.04
10. Flying Home, Soloist: Robert & David, Goff Richards, 5.09
11. Now While I Still Remember How, Soloist: David, Hal David & Archie Jordan / Alan Fernie, 3.49
12. Auld Lang Syne (Air and Varie), Soloist: David, Simone Mantia / Keith M Wilkinson, 6.39
13. Let Me try Again, Soloist: Robert, Caravelli & Romuald / Alan Fernie, 3.17
14. Perhaps Love, Soloists: Robert & David, John Denver / Alan Fernie, 3.12
15. Sounds of Switzerland, Soloists: Robert & David, Trad / Roy Newsome, 6.32
16. O Sole Mio ,Soloist: Robert, Eduardo di Capua / Alan Fernie, 3.04

Total playing time: 70.16



The 16 tracks on this new CD vary in style and difficulty, and although none really extend the soloists, they do allow both father and son to showcase their talents with a true sense of musicality. Robert Childs' maturity of musical thought is allied to a dark and deeply centred sound that reflects his considerable experience. He brings a sense of calm authority to his individual contributions, with a great understanding of the material. His performances of Varied Mood, Catari, Catari, Song of the Seashore, Let Me Try Again and O Sole Mio are mini masterclasses in the euphonium art. David too has a musical brain far in excess of his tender years and he displays a unique ability to blend it to the musical subject matter he performs. His individual items, My First Love, A Night in Havana, La Novia, Beautiful Colorado, Now While I still Remember How and Auld Lang Syne are performed with an Èlan that shimmers with class.

The band is on excellent form in accompanying mode; understated, light but detailed, and Nicholas Childs keeps it bubbling along, always enhancing and never detracting.

Iwan Fox 
British Bandsman, Saturday 22nd July 2006