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Welsh Connection CD - David Childs

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A CD of featuring the premiere recordings of Michael Ball's Euphonium Concerto & Philip Sparke's Harlequin together with a beautiful setting of Philip Wilby's Adagio from Revelation and much more. David is accompanied by the Cory Band (formerley Buy As You View Band) conducted by his father Robert Childs.

Track List:

1. Introduction, Theme & Variations, Gioacchino Rossini arr. Jenkins, 12.41
2. David of the White Rock, arr. Barry 3.11
3-5. Concerto for Euphonium, Michael Ball 18.50
3. Movement I 7.14
4. Movement II 7.43
5. Movement III 3.53
6. Adagio from Revelation, Philip Wilby 3.34
7. Napoli, Herman Bellstedt arr. Childs 5.47
8. Morceau de Concours, Edward Baratt arr. Childs 7.41
9. Myfanwy, Joseph Parry arr. Stephens 3.25
10. Harlequin, Philip Sparke 8.59

Total CD Playing Time: 69.15


Over recent decades, we have been blessed with a plethora of gifted euphonium soloists and, fortunately for us, the period in question has coincided with the advent of new recording technologies, enabling us to hear this talent in a near-natural environment.

David Childs has established himself as not only a leading euphonium soloist, but one of the leading brass soloists on the international stage and testimony to this is the recordings he has made, documenting his development from gifted young soloist, through to this most recent release, Welsh Connection, which clearly demonstrates his ability as a world class soloist.

The programming of the CD is excellent, juxtaposing substantial compositions with shorter works. The opening track is Christian Jenkinsí well crafted arrangement of Rossiniís Introduction, Theme and Variations, which is nothing short of breathtaking. The theme is performed in a very classy, even relaxed, manner before we head into the variations. Of particular note is the penultimate variation ñ a beautiful melody in the minor key which is sublimely performed and the final variation, where we get a stunning demonstration of Davidís technical mastery of the euphonium.

David of the White Rock follows and it is after this that we hear the CDs real ëmeatí. Michael Ballís Concerto for Euphonium was commissioned for David Childs in 2002 by the Welsh Brass Arts festival. Those who have had the chance to hear him perform this substantial work live will have undoubtedly been impressed with the level of excitement that he produces. The danger of a studio CD recording (in any genre of music) is that you can lose this feeling, but this is not the case here.

Each of the three movements of this virtuoso concerto keeps the listener on the edge of the seat in anticipation of what will happen next in this exciting recording. It should also be acknowledged that the Buy As You View Band and its conductor, Robert Childs, are an integral part of this (as they are throughout the CD).

Philip Wilbyís special adaptation of the Adagio from Revelation (Where David is joined by his colleague from BAYV, Nigel John) and Napoli (Arranged by Davidís father, Robert) are the next two tracks and these allow the soloist to demonstrate two very different sides of his playing- from the beautiful long melodic lines in the Wilby, to the brilliant technical passages in Napoli.

Morceau de Concours and Myfanwy (the performance of which, as well as the whole disc, is dedicated to Davidís Grandmother, Modfydd Myfanwy Childs) precede the final work, Philip Sparkeís Harlequin. This is the premiËre recording of this new work (which is dedicated to the soloist) and the soloistís enjoyment is apparent throughout this superb composition.

David Childs constantly produces top class performances on the concert platform and in the studio. Welsh Connection is no exception to that rule.

Peter Meechan 
British Bandsman - Saturday 26th November 2005