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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Back in November 2014 David was in Paris for the Buffet Group's launch of a new free app for Apple and Android smartphones & tablets available all over the world.

Urban Play is the first app dedicated to all musicians who wish to learn to play a wind instrument in modern music styles, including funk, hip hop, street jazz, etc.

Each musician can choose from 12 wind instruments and 4 difficulty levels. Once you find a selection you like, you can share it with family, friends, and fellow musicians.

David commented, "Anything encouraging young people to play music is worthwhile, but with Urban Play the bar has been rasied creating an up to the minute resource designed to resonate with a younger generation on all levels. The technology, music, and design make it one of the best educational performance tools I've seen for a long time. Congratulations Buffet Group and all involved in the development of this innovative app."

Buffet Group is once again at the forefront of innovation by offering a fun and educational music app that offers musicians a departure from the classical repertoire with original compositions specific to each instrument.
Join the Urban Play community by downloading the free App available on the App Store, or Get it on Google Play!

About Urban Play:

Developed by Buffet Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of wind instruments, Urban Play is a new way for musicians to pr
actice playing along with urban flavored music exclusively composed for the app by top artists.

Go beyond scales and arpeggios ! Choose between 11 wind instruments and 3 levels of difficulty for each track and practice your playing for your teacher, parents and friends. 

Urban Play promotes playing music through innovative, fun and intuitive methods of education. 

The app is also a platform for artists to showcase their music and to promote themselves as ambassadors of a Buffet Group brand and instrument.

Urban Play is kicking off as a free app. Certain « advanced » levels must be unlocked, however, by creating a free account.

This is just the beginning for Buffet Group phone & tablet apps though. As Urban Play grows to offer more and more urban music (and some new features), we’ll also be expanding towards other styles of music, developing new versions of the app with the same quality audio recorded by artists who play our instruments and help you become a more prolific musician!


  • High quality audio. Play along with 3 levels of new and high quality music. It’s not MIDI !
  • Multiple Instruments. A list of over 10 brass/woodwind instruments from which to choose.
  • 3 Levels. Choose between beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to improve your playing.
  • Loop. Play back selected measures over and over again.
  • Solo. Hear just the rhythm section and practice the melody on your own.
  • Count in. Gives you 4 beats to prepare for playing after tapping Play button.
  • Tuner. Tune your instrument for better results.
  • Brands & Photos. Get to know the 9 brands of Buffet Group which make the instruments you hear in the music player. 
  • Artists. A few words about the artists who composed the cool music you’re practicing.
  • Submit tracks. Create a free account and be the first to know how to submit your track for our app. 

Learn more about Urban Play through here:

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