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Thursday, 1 January 2015

"There are years when choosing the Solo CD of the Year can be a quite tricky process, with decisions often being a fairly close call. However, 2014 wasn't one of them. With a disc from David Childs, Bramwell Tovey and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales quite simply 'raising the bar' to previously unknown heights, our judges were of one opinion in giving the award to The Symphonic Euphonium, a recording that certainly has the potential to become the reference point for great euphonium playing for many years to come - unless, of course the soloist decides to go and make one even better!"  
Kenneth Crookston - British Bandsman Editor

When comparing against other nominees European Championship winning conductor Michael Bach commented, "David Childs' new recording really stands out above the lot, even considering that the fantastic orchestral accompaniment gives an extra dimension to the music. The Symphonic Euphonium is simply a fantastic CD with some of the best playing in terms of virtuosity, control and musicality you'll ever hear from any brass player in the world."

Music Critic Tim Mutum commented on The Symphonic Euphonium, "It is my solo CD of the Year and is, without doubt, the most significant album of music ever produced for the euphonium. The playing of David Childs is quite simply awesome - sound, technique, range, dynamics - and for this great player to be accompanied by a full orchestra in music of such substance means this disc will reach out where others won't, which is of major significance to not only the soloist, but also for the recognition it will gain for the euphonium as an instrument."

Former BBC Producer Paul Hindmarsh wrote, "From the first time I listened to my pre-release copy of The Symphonic Euphonium, in preparation for writing the booklet notes, I was in little doubt about my Solo CD of the Year. To experience solo performances with this variety of style, depth of musical insight, range and subtlety of expression is exceptional in any context. To hear them on the euphonium and symphony orchestra has created a historical precedent and a unique opportunity for the euphonium to achieve wider recognition. It was especially satisfying to hear the added dimensions and perspectives that the orchestra gives to the Horovitz and Wlby concertos, and to be able to appreciate the full character of the Jenkins and the amazing Hoddinott concertos in their original colours. By any measure, David Childs is a great artist and in Bramwell Tovey he couldn't have wished for a more sympathetic and understanding conductor."

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