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“David Childs is pre-eminent amongst his talented peers both as player and visionary; he has a seriousness and purpose which is without rival.” 

 Elgar Howarth – Conductor, Composer and Brass Specialist

"I have never heard such outstanding brass playing.” 

 Trevor Green – CEO Leeds International Piano Competition

“Incredible Playing! Bravo, Bravo Bravissimo!!!!” 

 Christian Lindberg – International trombone soloist, conductor and composer

“Clearly the hero of the euphonium.” 

 Alexander Baille – Cellist

“A musician who knows how to bring a tear to the eye.”

 Peter Bassano – Conductor and Brass Specialist

 "Technically simply spectacular.” 

 John Bimson – Horn

“An excellent sound with musical maturity beyond his years.” 

 David Mason – former piccolo trumpet with The Beatles

“A wonderful musician of the highest quality. A joy to write for both him and an instrument of such beauty and agility." 

 Karl Jenkins OBE – Composer

 “The Roger Federer of the euphonium!” 

 Johan De Meij - Composer

"a great ambassador for the euphonium, possessing an astonishing technique and an engaging stage presence." 

The Observer


"a charismatic advocate of the euphonium, a demonstration of versatility and extrovert musicality."

The Guardian


"a serious musician dedicated to raising his instrument's profile. Childs demonstrated a superbly focused, glowing tone."

The Times


"he makes the euphonium sound as flexible and as agile as a trumpet and as smooth as the trombone played by Tommy Dorsey."

The Independent